Yellow Class Actvities

Yellow Class

We have been playing many different number games in Yellow Class to help the pupils continue to improve their counting skills. These have included work looking at missing numbers in a sequence, as well as some counting songs. Ten Green Bottles and Five Speckled Frogs are both proving to be Yellow Class favourites! read more

Class 1G Table Work

Class 1G

We have been continuing our table work in Class 1G focussing upon helping the students to make sentences from a series of words. We have moved our vocabulary on to talk about the different forms of transport that we see around us. Using Communication in Print, we have been keen to get the students to match the symbols with the words. We have used this technique to form simple sentences such as “Roads are busy” or “Motorways are long.” We then advanced this exercise to include some writing to help complete the sentences. read more

Class 2S Singing

Class 2S

Class 2S are making fantastic progress with the rehearsals for the esteemed Turney School Christmas production of It’s a Party. As well as learning all of the words and music, Class 2S are very keen to help all of our other friends in the school with the signing for the show. We have been using the opportunity to remind the pupils of the Nativity story, and asking Class 2S to put the songs in sequence. Our singing sessions have also benefited from some brilliant drumming, as you can hear from the podcast below. read more

Class 10 Basketball Video

Our P.E. work in Class 10 has been all about basketball and improving our skills. This is a strong feature for our entry-level exams, which we are working towards in Class 10. In particular we have been focussing upon remembering the basic rules of the game, as well as how to work together as a team to improve our skills. You can watch a short video featuring the basketball talent of Class 10 in the video above. read more

Christmas Production Rehearsals

Christmas production rehearsals

All pupils at Turney School have been working incredibly hard ahead of our annual Christmas school production. This year we are proud to present a production of It’s a Party – a traditional tale of the Nativity story with some contemporary songs added in. We are keen to involve all pupils across the school in our annual show. As well as strong input from the Turney School Choir, we have found acting and signing roles for the many other talents across all classes. read more

Class 11 Assembly

Class 11

Class 11 have been busy preparing for a future Turney School assembly. We have decided to theme the assembly around the idea of happiness. We want to share with our friends around the school what makes each of us happy, and why this is such a great feeling to have! We have been working during our D & T lessons to help produce some large letters spelling out Happiness. Each pupil has been given a letter, and then asked to think about how this can be decorated to help put across the idea of feeling happy. Bright colours and glitter have featured heavily! Our Class 11 assembly will also include plenty of singing, as well as some ideas about what it means to feel happy. read more